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Harriet's Lessons


I want to share some lessons that I've learned in life! These "lil gems" have served me in my growth as a person. These are takeaways that I've gained from trials, tribulations and triumphs I've experienced. From my heart to yours... Harriet's Lessons

This week's lesson is: Love everyone fully, expressively and with all you got in the moment because ANY moment is the last moment.

This lesson is a timeless and simple one, give people their flowers while they're still here to enjoy them. Life is short and no one is promised tomorrow... or even another minute. We've all been impacted by loss of love ones, especially during this time of illness. While COVID definitely magnified this lesson for me, I learned this lesson a long time ago.

When I was 20 years old my older brother was murdered. It was the first loss in my life that was drastic, unexpected, and earth shattering. My big brother was healthy, alive, and well when someone senselessly murdered him. He was 33 yrs old and he deserved to be here. His death scarred me, it left me angry, grief stricken, but most importantly regretful/guilty.

Why guilt... why regret? Well I was a college student and busy with my world. My brother always led the way as far as us staying connected. While he was locked up, he'd call me every Sunday to catch up. Oftentimes I would miss his calls or rush through the conversations so I could go do what I wanted to do. He'd write me letters and send me cards and I wouldn't take the time to reciprocate. All he wanted was a few moments of my time and I would be too occupied to give him my time. I knew my brother knew I loved him and at that time I felt we'd have a lifetime to spend with each other, but being a college student was more fun than talking to my big brother on the phone. Oh how hindsight works! Now I'd give anything to hear Dou say "Yani Pooh I love you!" again.

God had other plans for us. My brother's life was cut short and all of the plans I had and all of the words I thought I had time to say became unspoken prayers and tears. I learned from that loss to LOVE ON PEOPLE IN THE PRESENT. I've learned to stop and make time. I've learned to verbalize to the people I love in my life that I love them AND why I love them. I've learned that no matter how busy I am, to make space to connect with people who are important to me. I've learned to count every new day as a gift and a blessing. So FREEDOM FAM... don't let another moment pass you by without you LOVING on your people. I love you all! The Cost of FREEDOM is FAITH! Ayanna


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