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Having Grace in Conflict

This is IMPORTANT! Let's talk about this fam!

Sometimes relationships come to an end. Important relationships, significant relationships... with people who were once embedded into your life in major ways. Oftentimes the circumstances of why these relationships ends is because of conflict or some painful experiences.

When things become undone its often common that a "smear campaign" begins where one of the hurt parties villianizes the other party to people who are connected to both of them.

They tell anyone who will listen how that person wronged them. They will paint an image of complete disrespect, oftentimes absolving themselves of any wrong doing and painting themselves as a total victim. They will tell their narratives and make it so that everyone sympathizes with them. They reveal secrets, tell lies and invest energy in hateful bashing.

This behavior shows THAT person's lack of integrity and character.

No matter what conflict I have with someone I will not cheapen myself to hatefully smear their character. I will not try and separate people from this person. I don't want people to pick a side. I will not share details of our conflict for others to side with me. I will not invest energy in trying to damage someone's reputation or business just because we no longer speak. I will not wish this person harm.

I will let go with grace and love. I will forgive so I'm free. I will grow and expand in the space their absence gives me. I will pray for their well-being and I will love them from behind my boundaries. If that person once meant something special to me I will respect that memory and I won't cheapen it will my ego/pride.

Family we need to know that conflict doesn't have to mean condemnation. You can still remain loving, respectful and genuine with people you no longer mess with. It doesn't have to be a beef.

Put your anger and pride down and step into love! Love you family!

"The Cost of FREEDOM is FAITH!"

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Hey Freedom Friends!!! I want to encourage you to have confidence in yourself today! Believe in yourself, love yourself, and let your beautiful light shine! I LOVE YOU! The cost of FREEDOM is FAITH!


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