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Combating the "money monster"

Waddup Freedom Fam!

Okay truth moment... I got ALOT of S.ugar H.oney I.ced T.ea going on. So many wonderful things next year to plan for, prepare for, and pay for. Last night I started to WORRY. I started to talk from a limited lens, saying that I wouldn't be able to accomplish all of the things I want to because "I just ain't got it/money!"

The "money monster" reeled its ugly head into my consciousness and I started to fear that it was all too much to handle and old habits of "I'm broke", "I wish I had someone to help pay...", "This shit is too expensive" started to loop in my thoughts.

All of those stressors of scarcity rang LOUD in my mind and I started to feel defeated. I wanted to start canceling my plans. Telling myself to fall back from plans of celebrating life, plans to travel, plans of expansion, and plans of JOY...


Because isn't that what life should be about... joy, celebration, love, and experiences.

We've become so accustomed to "the grind" and "the worry" of maintaining in this capitalistic society that it feels scary and unattainable to CELEBRATE yourself.

In the midst of my worrying, I heard God say "I got you and you got this!" And I stopped worrying. I started to pray. I asked for resources to be made available and for me to accomplish EVERYTHING I said I wanted to do. I laid my worries aside and leaned into my faith!

Money always comes... making money isn't a challenge. Resources are being made available to me everyday, new opportunities for increase are presenting themselves to me daily... so why worry when I'm so well provided for already? EPIPHANY YALL!!! 🤣

If you're anything like me... remember this... When the time comes and this part of your journey ends and you pass on, you will not be remembered nor will you think about how well your bills were paid, how much money you saved or invested, or even how hard to worked to make more money. You will be remembered and you will remember the memories you've created with people you love, the family you've built, the experiences and places you've gone and most importantly how you've impacted people's lives.

So stop stressing money and start living! Go get to the LOVE ❤

Love y'all fam!

The Cost of FREEDOM is FAITH!

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Hey Freedom Friends!!! I want to encourage you to have confidence in yourself today! Believe in yourself, love yourself, and let your beautiful light shine! I LOVE YOU! The cost of FREEDOM is FAITH!


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