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Maximize Your Shine Baby!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Happy Wednesday to my FREEDOM FRIENDS!

I hope you are well!

Today's message is on MAXIMIZING OUR SHINE!!!

Oftentimes we minimize ourselves because people we allow access to us are threatened or jealous of our NATURAL GIFTS AND ABILITIES.

We are told we are too this or that... too loud... too bold... too real... too MUCH!

How many times have we had a "friend" tell us we should dial it down or switch up our flow... because so-and-so doesn't like what we are bringing?

And we start to internalize those thoughts and that UNSOLICITED feedback believing that the problem is US.

In the revolutionary spirit of Harriet Tubman, I've learn to live my truth regardless of who can handle it.

I've learned that when I operate in my authentic self, being who I am without hesitation, that it may make some people uncomfortable, but not because I'm doing something wrong. On the contrary, its usually because I have and utilize skills that these people wish they had in themselves.

Never make yourself smaller to make others comfortable, family!  Never ever dim your light for others comfort! Show up brilliantly YOU Every. Single. Time!

My mantra for today's message is: The sun only knows how to be the sun and shine, so show up in the world being like THE SUN and SHINE BRIGHTLY ON ALL THE HATERS!(they'll learn to adjust to your glare anyways!)

Love ya!

-Auntie Yani

"The Cost of FREEDOM is FAITH!"

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