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What You Water, will grow Baby!


Happy Wednesday. I'm thankful that we've made it halfway through this week.

Today I am meditating on the principles of "tending and watering your garden"

Each of us has an assignment and purpose in life. We are here to fulfill that purpose. We are granted another day in order to do what is necessary to get to the finish results.

Each day we lay foundations and "plant seeds" that will sow results in our life.

I've been reevaluating "my garden" making sure I'm planting the right crops, making sure I'm tending to my garden... because I know what you care for, what you toil over, what you water... grows.

For a while, I was "watering" dead situations, I was tending to "crops" that produced NO FRUITS... only weeds. I poured into things that were not healthy, not necessary, things that were harmful to me.

My garden was depleted and I beared no results because I was focusing on "watering" the wrong thing. I wasn't operating in the highest version of myself. I wasn't fulfilling my promise and working towards my purpose.

Basically I was wasting time and energy on things that didn't serve me, things that didn't nourish me, things that yielded no substance.

How many of us do that? (Insert raised hand)

Like any other "garden" life changes in seasons. At some point what I was focusing on growing was necessary... but as seasons changed... so did the relevance of the things I gave my attention to... the things I watered.

I'm now learning to consistently tend to my crop... to evaluate what I'm watered and putting energy into. I'm paying attention to what does not feed me any longer and I'm uprooting those dead things from my life.

What have you been giving your attention to in life? Are those people, situations, and connections fruits that feed you and give you sustenance. Or are you wasting time and energy tending to dead things.

It's important to know what to water in your life and what to uproot.

I hope and pray that your garden springs forth an abundance of blessings.

Have a great day ON PURPOSE!

Love ya!

-Auntie Yani

"The cost of FREEDOM is FAITH!"

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